CUNEO An enchanted forest: L’ALEVE’ – VALLE VARAITA

There is a place in Alta val Varaita where time seems to have stopped. Nature is uncontrollable mistress and man has not put his hand. The Wood of Appel, so called because in Occitan elvo means pine pine, is the largest cobra of Europe and the largest of the Alps.
Populated by numerous animal species including two birds, hazelnut and cruise. The latter, especially nourished by pine nuts, which extracts them through its crossed beak. It is also useful for the reproduction of citrus pines that grow even in the middle of the rocks, just because this bird, carrying the seeds, lets them surrender everywhere. In fact, the highest specimen is 2950 m.
It is an ancient forest, even the origins date back to the quaternary period. The trees are centuries old (the old pine pine is more than six hundred years old) and reach up to 20 meters in height. But the peculiarity lies in the trunks … a real form of natural art.

Even the dry ones, of which only the trunk remains, are of a unique beauty. An enchanted place where every corner has something magical. The smell of pines and thyme of mountain, the pure air and the flow of water, the birds singing and the whistling of the marmots.




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